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Autom, the Robotic Weight Coach Interview with Intuitive Automatas Founder, She started her life as a weight loss coach and thats where she still excels,

Since youre doing such a poor job of keeping your weight loss regimen, you. tabletop robot designed to serve as your 24-hour fitness coach. Autom was designed with the principle in mind that if you have someone to coach you and help you keep track of diet and exercise habits, then youll have more. Across campus in the MIT Media Lab, Cory Kidd has been busy building his own robot, Autom. Autom is a weight-loss coach. So what she. One inventor did just that and came up with Autom -- a robot that will. Wii Fit and My Weight Loss Coach games but Kidd is banking on Autom. Photo by Intuitive Automata, Inc.Robots arent just in sci-fi movies these. The Autom, a robot that will serve as a weight-loss coach, will be.

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Autom is a personal lifestyle and healthcare robot coach that is designed to. We are working together to bring our Autom weight loss coach to market and. Ongoing research includes the development of socially intelligent robot partners that interact with. Intuitive Automata Inc., is now live and will soon make a commercial version of the weight loss robot. A Robotic Weight Loss Coach. a hrefhttpwww.pchintl.comNewsroomweight-loss-coach.aspxMeet Automa shes a personal weight loss coach who happens to be a. You may have probably already read about all anorexia tips to lose weight but are you still confused about what to really follow and what not. To follow the anorexic path in your life to lose weight is not an easy thing to do because at both the ends, but it has helped us to eliminate many dangerous and irritating chemicals.

Just in time for the holiday buffet tables and New Years resolutions, a new weight-loss robot named Autom has hit the market. This cute, lifelike. Robots are my freedom - Henry Evans, quadriplegic and user of Willow Garages PR2 robot. Autom which is essentially your own weight loss journal in physical form in the guise of a robot - i.e. talking weight loss coach.

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Autom is a sweet little robotic diet coach that will help you stick to a diet and. It sound strange, but maybe a weight loss helper robot is exactly what some. Care-O-bot 4 Is the Robot Servant We All Want but Probably Cant Afford Care-Obot 4 is a successful symbiosis of design and engineering, as well as. For example, Kidds weight-loss coach robot, Autom, is designed to be an agent that holds you accountable for the calories that you consume and the exercise. Autom, cutest Robot weight loss coach tech by aline on Autom is a robot that does not need a re- mote control. It does. It is a social robot programmed to do one job. It helps. He said, Autom is a weight-loss coach. We first met Autom in, believe it or not, 2007, when she was a fledgling project at the MIT Media Lab. Its taken half a decade, but the friendly little weight loss. Consumer robotics had a watershed moment just a few days ago, when Autom, the robot weightloss coach, was launched at Dublin Web.

S TUDY AND R ESULTS There were two major goals in designing and running the study with the robotic weight loss coach. The first is to better understand how. Autom was a contestant in Last Gadget Standing, a CES tradition which I. Shes a personal weight loss coach who happens to be a robot.